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6 Great Ways To Get Traffic To Your Landing Pages

There are many ways to get traffic to your landing pages. However, I will give you a few strategies you can implement that will help you grow your list super fast. These methods are either free or fairly low cost.

Traffic Quality

Bear in mind the quality of your traffic. The best quality traffic comes from systems you set up resulting in people opting in to follow you specifically. Through these methods, people have seen and liked your info, feel it of value, like and feel a degree of rapport with you and therefore want to get more of what you have.

Lower quality traffic comes in the way of when someone has purely opted in to get your free gift on your landing page. This way there hasn’t been much rapport established between you and the subscriber, they were just enticed by your free offer.

So why don’t we just go for high-quality traffic? Well some people do and that is definitely the list that will over time be more valuable and you will want to nurture more closely. However, it takes a lot longer to build this kind of a list as you have to also build yourself as an authority in your niche and set up traffic sources providing a lot of helpful info.

So to get the ball rolling initially you can also use several methods that will build a list fast and generate some income while you’re working more long term on your main list.

I will outline which of these methods will bring you high and low-quality traffic. Regardless, all of the methods in this post are definitely worth doing. Don’t just stick to one or two methods, build on the ones that especially work for you and add more as you go along.

Solo Ad Traffic

Solo ad directorySolo ads are a great way to start to get the ball rolling and build some momentum. Basically, a solo add is provided by marketers with large lists, offering to mail out your landing page to their list for a fee. The fee is calculated upon how many clicks you want to purchase, each click representing one person from their list clicking (not opting in) on your offer.

From doing this you should receive many of the people opting into your list also, but this would also depend largely on how well your landing page converts so spend some time testing and tweaking your page before you go spending money on solo ads.

I wouldn’t advise you continually use this method as it’s not free and the traffic you will get from it is generally low quality. Having said that, you should be getting some sales from this traffic as your list grows over time and the subscribers start to move through your sales funnel.

The Solo Ad Directory is a great place to go for solo ads, just make sure the person providing them is also in your niche. I would also advise once you have selected a person you would like to take a solo ad with, to go onto the Warrior Forum first and do some research on the person to see what experiences other marketers have had to deal with that person. Also, make sure you track your ads.

Ad Swaps

Safe-SwapsDoing ad-swaps with other marketers is also another great way to build up your email list fast! Basically, an ad-swap is where you agree with a swap with another marketer in the same niche and you both mail out each other offer. This is done in the form of an email pre-written by you with a link to your landing page. This email is known as a ‘swipe’. You both set the time and the date to be mailed out at the same time.

Doing this frequently will rapidly grow your list as your email offer relates to a free gift that is pertinent to the marketer’s list. You will usually receive quite a few opt-ins from doing this.

You can arrange ad-swaps with other marketers on faith via forums, although I wouldn’t recommend this unless you know and trust the other marketer.

The best thing to do is to join Safe-Swaps, an email marketing platform to meet and swap with other marketers. You will also find many decent solo-ad providers on here too.

The traffic quality from ad-swaps is again ok, similar to solo ads but not high quality.

Running A Blog

blog-68956_150Running a blog in relation to your niche is also a great way to get traffic to your landing page. Place an opt-in box in a prominent position on the homepage of your blog. Over time as your blog grows, you should see a nice steady increase in members joining your list.

The traffic form this source is usually high quality because through your blog you have been (or should be) building your brand, name, and reputation. People will often opt-in here not only to get your free offer but because they also see some deeper value in being on your list.

Use a Pop-Up Opt-In Form on Your Blog

To help maximize your blog and compliment your opt-in box, install a plugin that allows you to have a pop-up form that displays your offer. Once I started doing this I saw a big increase in opt-ins via my blog.

Many of these pop up opt-in forms are not free and actually fairly expensive, mainly due to the effectiveness that they offer. However, I have found a very good free one for WordPress users. Here’s the link, it’s called Clifton’s Lightbox and is the one I am currently using on this site.

Forum Marketing

Forums are an excellent way to bring new traffic to your pages. By commenting and providing good value in forums that are relevant to your niche, you can bring some high quality, targeted traffic to your pages. Basically, you want to find forums that are not only relevant to your niche but also ones that allow signatures in your posts. These signatures appear at the end of all your posts and have a clickable link that will lead directly to the pages you specify.

Forum Dos & Dont’s…


  • Always read the rules page for each forum as they all can be different
  • Make sure the forum allows signatures before signing up
  • Offer good, quality information to people
  • Answer questions, and answer them well with good detail
  • Make friends
  • Message your friends on there directly occasionally, just to say hi


  • DON’T SPAM! This one needs to be in capitals as you will soon find yourself kicked off or alienated
  • Don’t just write one-liner posts that are not helpful
  • Don’t get into arguments with other users. If you do end up in this situation (very rare), always take the high road
  • Don’t be too opinionated about controversial topics or anything that people may take offense to
  • Don’t slate or bad mouth other users

Create Shareable YouTube Videos

Creating videos is also another way to get some good, high-quality traffic.

YouTube and DailyMotion are two great platforms to share videos about your niche. If you are looking for some free screen recording software then I recommend Screen-Cast-O-Matic. Building a channel on one of these platforms (or both) will soon earn you channel subscribers. Under your videos, you can provide links to your landing pages, blog, etc and you can now also make clickable links that appear in the video also.

Think about creating ‘shareable’ videos if at all possible. You may not always be able to do this as it really depends on your niche and your personality. Shareable videos are videos that people will share willingly with their friends on social media, mainly due to either their usefulness or sheer entertainment value, thus getting the ‘viral’ effect.

Some examples of shareable videos are:

  • Funny videos
  • Inspirational/motivational
  • ‘How to’ genre
  • Or just damn good, quality info!
  • Social Media

Having a presence and active participation in social media is a must nowadays. Choose two or three platforms that will be effective for your niche. Do a little research first on the differences between the platforms as some will be more effective for some niches than others. Here’s a useful post on the difference between some of the top platforms out there: The Difference Between Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, YouTube, & Pinterest

When using social media, be very wary of how time-consuming and distracting it can be. My friend and fellow marketer Josh May wrote a very valuable post recently on the best ways to save your time on social media: 5 Social Media Tools that will Save you Time Online

Final Thoughts

So, here are just a few traffic generation methods you can use to create Brilliant Marketing, there are of course more.

I would recommend you think about building two lists, one to build fast using solo ads just to begin and then implementing the other strategies such as ad-swaps more long term. The methods used here will be aimed at driving traffic to your free offer.

The second list is to be built through traffic methods such as blogging, YouTube videos, social media, forums, etc. This way you will be directing them to your opt-in boxes on your blog or an alternative landing page. This list will be smaller but generally more responsive.

Remember to look after your list, don’t just sell to them. Stay in contact with them and offer them good quality info that will help them. Also, send them any videos or posts you come across that are helpful and of course, email them each time you create a new post or video.

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