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 Why Sales Funnels Are Necessary For Online Businesses

Most business owners are always looking for online marketing strategies that will not only generate leads, but also increase revenue. Well, if you’re looking for an effective marketing strategy that will convert people who have never heard about your business into paying customers, you need a sales funnel.

A sales funnel helps to ensure that your marketing and sales efforts are working together. As a result, it helps to put your potential customers in the right path.

With that said, this article will help you understand what a sales funnel is, and why it is important for your online business. Please keep reading.

What is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is a representation of the journey your prospects go through before they become buyers. While you may promote or advertise your products or services to a large number of people, only a few of them are likely to provide their contact information.

In essence, just a few of them end up becoming leads and long-term clients. However, it is not the same story with a sales funnel. A sales funnel helps you to funnel you prospects down until they make a purchasing decision.

Having said that, let us now look at the various sales funnel stages.

Stages of a Sales Funnel

  • Awareness

At this stage, potential clients get to learn about your business for the first time. You can attract visitors to your online business through advertising, blog post, email, among other awareness strategies.

Regardless of how they hear about you, your goal is to make them aware that you exist. Eventually, they will move to the next stage.

  • Interest

The content of your advertisements, blog posts or emails needs to capture the interest of your potential clients. If you decide to use a lead magnet, your goal is to have them sign up for the free offer, which can be an ebook, webinar, or an exclusive report.

Signing up is a sign of interest, and it is critical that you nurture that interest.

  • Consideration

When you convert a potential client into a lead, you need to persuade them so that they can consider buying your product or service. You need to turn their interest into desire by using lead magnets such as free ebooks, webinars, videos, etcetera.

If your potential customers find your free ebook or webinar valuable, they are likely to consider your products or services. However, you need to nurture them through a series of emails to push them into action.

You can also increase the value of your lead magnet by offering your leads a little bit more.

  • Close

This stage entails putting effort to encourage your leads to close and become buyers or paying customers. For instance, you can direct their attention to positive reviews, a great product page, and a strong call-to-action.

Nurturing your leads throughout the sales process will certainly encourage them to purchase your product or service.

  • Delight

At this stage, you inspire your customers by providing them with quality products and services. The idea is to keep them happy so that they can refer more people to your business.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Sales Funnel    

  • High conversion

A sales funnel will certainly make your online business more scalable. Not only will it help you nurture your website’s visitors into leads, but it will also turn them into paying customers.

  • It positions you as an expert

A good sales funnel not only makes you and your online business known, but it also helps clients view you as an expert in your specific niche. It makes potential clients view you as someone who has the ability to help them achieve their goals.

  • Builds trust

A sales funnel helps you to build trust with prospects. It enables you to nurture mutually valuable relationships, particularly when you offer your clients solutions to their problems.

  • It takes away the guessing

A sales funnel helps to reduce failure and risk, thus providing safety for your online business.

  • It automates your business

A sales funnel helps to automate your entire business process so it runs for 24 hours. This can help you triple your sales and profits.

Parting Shot!

Sales funnels are often referred to as the backbone of internet marketing or online businesses. Therefore, if you want to generate more sales and income for your online business, it is critical that you start using a sales funnel.

A sales funnel helps to give your prospective clients a clear path. It nurtures them from one end of your sales experience to the next until they eventually make a purchase.

In future articles I will also be sharing some effective methods to drive traffic into your sales funnels including Google and Facebook ads, creating YouTube videos, connecting with other influencers in your space and more.

Below is a video that breaks down everything for you on why you need a sales funnel.